Google Body Browser

Google Body Browser

see video of "google body browser" at the end of this article

Google has recently developed WebGL application called Body Browser
this is the firs 3D browser which lets you explore the human body just like you can explore the world in Google Earth .means it shows a human body in a three dimension

you can use this browser before added in a Google labs

# WebGL is available, but not enabled by default in Chrome 8 (the latest stable version). Type about:flags in the address bar, click "Enable" next to "WebGL" and then click on "Restart now". Please note that this is an experimental feature in Chrome 8.
# WebGL is enabled by default in Chrome 9 Beta, Chrome 9 Dev Channel, Chrome Canary Build and Firefox 4 beta.

what is WebGL
ans:-WebGL is a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software

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