Find ip address of any web site

How to access blocked site & Find ip address of any web site

 Now access the blocked site in school and colleges. Just follow the simple afollowing is also helpful for the hacking purpose and the tracking purpose.It is necessary to you know the ip address of a site in. this post we are learn  how to find the ip address of any website and also how to access a blocked site.
    IN School and colleges many sites are blocked like a, This important site as a student view. now we learn how to access a blocked site, suppose a is blocked then just use the following few step and access the any blocked site

step1:- Go to start menu and open a command prompt (CMD)
step2:- In command prompt type ping "site name who's  ip you want"
            we find the ip so write  ping and hit enter

find ip addess

step3:- You got the upper command prompt window. In which select the number which is written in a Square bracket after the 
pinging  []

step4:- Now go to browser and type the address and hit a enter your site open.

how to access blocked site

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