How to Install Windows 8 as a Virtual Machine

Use Windows 8 in a Virtual Environment

 windows 8 is a small bit hard to used for new user so install as a secondary OS on a virtual machine.Installation of the windows 8 is little bit different from the  installation of other OS. By using  the following steps install windows 8  within a three minute.

Step1: Download iso image of windows8 or create a simple bootable disk.
          if you have a windows 8 cd then no problem.
Step2: Download virtual box and install it .(click here to download virtual box)
          for the best performance and support use latest version of virtual box.
Step3: click on Oracle VM VirtualBox.
                After clicking, the following window obtain that window click on new


Step 4: Give the name to os like windows8. then choose minimum 1024 Mb   ram size .Because it is basic configuration of windows 8 and click on create

Step 5: choose VDI(VirtualBox Disk Image) and fixed size. It increase the performance of os .click on create.

 Step 6: it will take 3 to 4 min for installing 

Step 7: When you are inside the virtual box windows press ctrl+s to open setting of windows
  • Go to System –> Motherboard and Enable IO APIC. (should be enabled by default)
  • Go to System –> Processor and Enable PAE/NX. (should be enabled by default)
  • Go to Display –> Video and Enable 2D Video Acceleration. (disabled by default)

Step 7: Click OK to save all the settings and double-click the Virtual Machine labeled Windows 8 to launch the program. You can either insert the Windows 8 installer DVD or click the folder icon and browse to the folder where the Windows 8 ISO file is stored.

Click the Next button and this will initiate the actual Windows 8 setup routine. You can the Windows 8 serial number and it should take about 20-30 minutes to complete the installation process.

 For practical see the following video

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