Add Shortcuts in Windows 8 for Shutdown and Restart

How to Add Shortcuts in Windows 8 for Shutdown and Restart

They got rid of the Start Menu in Windows 8 and as a side-result, there’s no dedicated menu option available to quickly shut-down or restart your Windows 8 computer.

How to Shutdown, Restart or Log Off in Windows 8

The regular approach I this. As there are no “shutdown” buttons in Windows 8, you can switch to the desktop view and press Alt+F4 to bring the Shut Down menu or the other option is that you 

press the shortcut key Win+C, go to Settings – > Power – > Shut down.
That’s too many steps especially when you are in a dual-boot environment and need to switch from one OS to another.

Wouldn’t it more convenient if you could create simple tiles – like any other metro app – and place them on the Windows 8 desktop so that you can Shut down, Log off or Restart your Windows 8 computer with a simple click (or tap).

Enter createButtons.vbs – this is a simple utility (or rather a script) that will automatically add Shut Down and other related buttons to your Windows 8 screen. There’s no installation required 
– just download the file to your desktop and double-click to create the various buttons.
Here’s a video demo of the script in action:


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