Auto Delete Older or unwanted Messages in Gmail with Auto Purge

Automatically Deletes older message in Gmail inbox

Many of the peoples  having the one problem regarding through the gmail inbox here many unwanted masseges are stored.And its amount of the masseges are increase a day by day.Now many of us are unlike to delet it because number of mail are the much more. 
                             Now one good news for the Gmail users,you don't need to delete the Gmail it deletes the automatically by the Gmail auto purge.
                        Gmail Trash and the Spam folders having the property of the  auto purge. In which it deletes the massage with in a 30 days. now we can use the auto purge for the our mailbox . With auto-purging enabled the older mails of a label are automatically removed from your mailbox.

How to Enable Auto Purging in Gmail

You can not  enable auto-purging in Gmail for any particular label but there is  a simple Google Script that bring this missing functionality to your Gmail. The script will basically monitor messages belonging to a particular folder,label in Gmail and purge those that have exceed the retention time.

Here’s how you can get auto-purge to work inside your Gmail:
1)  Open Google Script and choose File ==> Make a copy to copy it into your        Google Drive.
2)  Set the value of GMAIL_LABEL to the label that you wish to auto-purge          and PURGE_AFTER are Choose number of days for which you to delete 
    or retain a message in Gmail.
3)   Go to Run
==> Initialize and grant the necessary permissions. This is           your personal script and nobody else will ever have access to your data.      it is totally secure. 
4) To install it  Go to Run ==> Install to install the auto-purge script.

That’s it. Exit the Google Script and it will continuously monitor that particular Gmail label in the background.

 How to disable auto purging in Gmail inbox

5) If you need to uninstall / disable auto-purging later, then open the same      script in your Google Drive and choose Run ==> Uninstall.

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